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Zotar was a Sanoora man who lived thousands of years ago on the planet Nraka and was the founder of Nrakan civilization.


500,000 years ago, Nraka experienced an extinction-level event in which a rogue star ignited the surface and brought about a nuclear winter. Survivors stockpiled supplies and resided in deep caverns. Nrakan mythology said that Zotar was able to defeat the fire on the surface, brought the dead back to life, then wrote the first word: Sanoora. Over time, the meaning of the word was lost, but believed to represent immortality or peace. (TOS comics: "The Evictors", "Planet of No Life")

Zotar was a military officer and scientist who became a religious leader. He invented mathematics and introduced music to Nrakan culture. His message of peace, love and tolerance eventually led to the end of war on the planet. (TOS comic: "The Evictors")


Zotar's name was legendary to Nrakans and uttered as a blessing. Periodic fireworks pageants and celebrations were held planet-wide in his honor. Noted actors portrayed Zotar in huge sky projections. The Shield of Zotar was sometimes referenced in conversation.

In the year 2266, Commander Spock studied Nrakan culture prior to a visit by the Federation starship USS Enterprise. He described Zotar to Montgomery Scott as a combination of Earth's Julius Caesar, Albert Einstein, Moses and Paul Bunyan. (TOS comic: "The Evictors")

During a celebration of the 10,000th year of recorded Nrakan history, a Sanoora world ship arrived in orbit claiming rightful ownership of the planet. The ship's commander appeared in a projection high in the planet's atmosphere — he identified himself as Inoduku but strikingly resembled Zotar. His demand that Nrakans immediately abandon their homeworld drove panicked citizens to riot, doubting long-held beliefs, thinking either that their god was dead, was merely a mortal, or had returned to conquer them. Rioting ceased after the invading ship was driven off. (TOS comics: "The Evictors", "Planet of No Life")

Nrakan government believed that pirates used Nrakan faith to engineer an elaborate hoax. Councilor Dvor later announced that Zotar's memory was unblemished by the attempted invasion. (TOS comic: "The Evictors")